Controlling and monitoring of dryer

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Here is little project, which in the next once proves the superiority a controller AVR on rest processor.

This project was designed to control and monitoring the environmental conditions of a dryer that includes a set of sensors for measuring temperature and humidity. Two types of temperature sensors are used, SHT15 for ambient temperature measurement and MLX90614 to measure the surface temperature of the heater and the food.


The SHT15 sensor has capable of measuring temperature and humidity simultaneously. With integrated circuit technology, this sensor is able to measure accurately. While the MLX90614 sensor is using infrared technology to accurately measure temperature from a distance.





Microcontroller and lcd board

 The microcontroller used is an ATMega 16-16PU, with a 11059200 Mhz Xtal oscillator. On the schematic are showed inter-connections between micro controller, ISP connector, MLX90614 Sensors, SHT15 sensor and a standard LCD display with 4 lines of 20 characters. As this schematic is also used on some others applications, there is some resistors added on it. This in order to share the programmer pins with the lcd, to have a maximum of microcontroller pins available free. There are some more resistors: they are used to avoid microcontroller output shorts in others uses of this board, and also as connections straps on the pcb. Except that there is nothing of special to said on this “classic” schematic (don’t forget the decoupling capacitors!). It is normally possible to use any other AVR microcontroller and board already available (with the same microcontroller or equivalent), To do that, it will be necessary to change the relevant initialization parameters on the Bascom program. No tests have been done with any other board. 

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