SonyEricsson J220/J230 display library - 128x128

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1.55″ STN color display from SonyEricsson J220/J230 mobile. Resolution 128x128, knife-ribbon connector 24 pin, controller PCF8833

(as in Nokia6100, but here it work in parallel mode. Power 2,4...3,3V, backlight 3,3...4V)

  • Library works in all 4 dimensions, has Contrast regulation, 256 colors in text & graphics, 16-bit color for bin-pictures and bmp-pictures from SD-Card.
  • RESET and CS are optional in library - may be undefined. Display's CS in this case must be connected to GND, RESET - to "+" with 10k and 1mkF to GND.

Link to post in MCS forum (contains library code)

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