SSD1963 fast display library - 800x480

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Library for SSD1963 LCD with 16-bit interface

  • LCD is 3/5V compliant.
  • Library works in Submode = New, so its very easy to include in project and unused Subs are not compiled to save memory space.
  • Also to save space you may use reduced Fonts, like Font36x56 in example. It has only digits, placed at position 33...42. To correct this shift simply use Digit_font = 1.
  • Any Fons may be included via $include. Supports both types of BASCOM Fonts - "Color" and "B&W".
  • You can display 8-bit (BGC) and 16 bit (BIN) pictures. Also 16 bit pictures can be loaded from SPI-Flash ROM. To prepare bin-file from bmp, gif, jpg, wmf, emf, ico I wrote special program Pic2Bin.

Library is fast. I specially made it to work quickly. In this video test program working at 8MHz. However, display resolution is 800x480 and its better to use 16MHz or 32MHz (Atxmega).

Link to post in MCS forum (contains library code)

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