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Library for SSD1289 LCD with 16-bit interface

Ssd1289 1.jpg

  • LCD is 3/5V compliant.
  • Library works in Submode = New, so its very easy to include in project and unused Subs are not compiled to save memory space.
  • Also to save space you may use reduced Fonts, like Font36x56 in example. It has only digits, placed at position 33...42. To correct this shift simply use Digit_font = 1.
  • Any Fons may be included via $include. Supports both types of BASCOM Fonts - "Color" and "B&W".
  • You can display 8-bit (BGC) and 16 bit (BIN) pictures. Also 16 bit pictures can be loaded from SPI-Flash ROM. To prepare bin-file from bmp, gif, jpg, wmf, emf, ico I wrote special program Pic2Bin.

Link to post in MCS forum (contains library code)

Updates 22.08.2014

  • in library added Portrait & Landscape modes, fixed some bugs
  • added Portrait & Landscape example
  • added example of using Touch
  • added Proteus model SSD1289 (created by Mr. MONIKYS) - it has portrait & landscape separate models and Touch emulation. In "Properties" you can rotate picture to 180° and adjust touch
  • Proteus models of Arduino boards
  • SD-Card (with Winimage program for preparing its image from separate files),modified example from mr. Six1 using SD-Card

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