Getting started with Arduino and WIZ820io

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Used Hardware:

To get started an Arduino Duemilanove board is used with an Arduino prototyping shield and prototyping jump wires.

To get the 3.3V for the WIZ820io power supply an voltage regulator is needed to transform the 5V from the Arduino board to 3.3V.

(The maximum current draw from FTDI chip on the Arduino Duemilanove is max. 50mA and therefore not usable to power the WIZ820io)

Used Bootloader:

You can use the Arduino bootloader but in this example an AVRISP MKII is used to flash an Bascom-AVR Bootloader.

For this you need an AVRISP MKII and AVR Studio to flash the bootloader on the Atmega328P on the Arduino.

Following you can find the Bootloader written in Bascom-AVR:

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