Getting started with Arduino UNO

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Procedure for Getting started with Arduino UNO R3

  1. Download Arduino Software (which included the USB driver for Arduino UNO and AVRDUDE)
  3. Create an folder Arduino e.g. C:\arduino-1.0.3
  4. Copy the Arduino files into C:\arduino-1.0.3
  5. The drivers can be found under C:\arduino-1.0.3\drivers     (not the FTDI USB Drivers)
  6. If the Arduino UNO was already connected then use following help which is similar to Windows7 or Windows8 procedure.
  7. AVRDUDE can be found in folder:  C:\arduino-1.0.3\hardware\tools\avr\bin
  8. Configure the programmer in Bascom-AVR OPTIONS >>>> Programmer
  9. Select: External programmer
  10. Select: Hex
  11. Under Program: select the path to AVRDUDE.exe   -->  C:\arduino-1.0.3\hardware\tools\avr\bin\avrdude.exe
  12. Under Parameter use:   -v -F -C c:\arduino-1.0.3\hardware\tools\avr\etc\avrdude.conf -p m328p -P com8 -c arduino -b 115200 -Uflash:w:{FILE}:a
  13. Change the comX port to the COM port of your Arduino UNO
  14. The avrdude.conf file can be found here: c:\arduino-1.0.3\hardware\tools\avr\etc\
  15. When you want to use an Arduino UNO (not R3) then you need to change arduino to stk500 (not tested info)
Arduino uno ext programmer.PNG
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