SIEMENS-A65 display library - 101x80

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SIEMENS-A65, A75, M55, S55, A60, C60, MC60 and other models has the same Color display with resolution 101x80. Bus is one-way SPI.

Note! This displays has 3 modifications with different controllers

  • LPH8731 - controller S1D15G14 (has 1 pixel vertical shift)
  • WD-X1008J - unknown, but commands compatible with S1D15G14 (no vertical shift)
  • LM15SGFNZ07 - HM17CM4101 (commands compatible with HM17CM4096)

For LPH8731 & WD-X1008J I wrote library glcd-Siemens-A65.LIB.

For LM15SGFNZ07 - glcd-SIEMENS-M55.LIB

Proteus model written by MONIKYS(Ukraine), support only LPH8731 model (and WD-X1008J with 1 pixel vertical shift). Contrast & 12-bit color mode are not supported.

A65 1.jpg

Link to post in MCS forum (contains library code)

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